The Takshashila Institution

The next step

“The Takshashila Institution—an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organisation—contributes towards building the intellectual foundations of an India that has global interests. It aims to establish itself as one of the most credible voices in India’s public policy discourse, known for its unambiguous pursuit of the national interest, through consistent high-quality policy advisories.”

We registered Takshashila as a non-profit trust in Chennai in October 2009. We are building a top-notch think tank, and we are building it in an entirely different way. Today Indians are spread across the globe, have expertise in many areas and many share a deep passion for the nation. We hope to tap on this distributed expertise and turn it into intellectual output of the highest quality.

Think tanks have long been about expertise within a building. Takshashila aims to use the expertise from around the world. So you can participate in Takshashila’s initiatives regardless of where you are based. You can join us as a Member to actively participate in the think tank’s activities; or as a Fellow, if you’d like to pursue a policy research project in an area of interest.

The policy research programmes got off to a start yesterday. And we launched the website earlier today. Visit to find out more and to apply to join as a member.

3 thoughts on “The Takshashila Institution”

  1. Congrats!! Wishing all the best to spread ideas like its Gandharan predecessor!!

  2. Congratulations and best wishes for your success. I hope this web-site is able to provide some original analyses and reporting on Indian strategic affairs. Unfortunately more often than not, Indian strategic writers tend to (or have to) rely on Western newspaper or western thinktank reports to formulate their analyses of Indian strategic affairs which defeats the whole purpose. I hope you are able to build your own resources in this regard.

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