Takshashila’s first discussion document

Allow greater foreign direct investment in the defence industry

Takshashila’s policy research programme has its first output—Sushant K Singh, Fellow for Defence Policy at Takshashila and an editor of Pragati has written a discussion document calling for raising or removing the caps on foreign equity in India’s defence industry.

Get the paper here.

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3 thoughts on “Takshashila’s first discussion document”

  1. Contemplationist,

    It would be presumptuous for anyone to claim to address all of India’s pressing issues—domestic or foreign. So it is a good idea to do the stuff we know about, rather than do the stuff we don’t know about merely because they are considered “pressing”.

    It is not for Takshashila to offer solutions to all problems—rather, our mission is to offer the best solutions in areas where we have some knowledge.

  2. i am very grateful for this first discussion Document and it is of very pressing nature as far as i can see .Soon as i finish reading some of the references I may express my opinion meanwhile give a thought …
    1] Our land of Mahatma Gandhi is the Second Largest Buyer of Defence Equipment and yet we have insurgents calling the shots , individuals attacking five star Hotels in the heart of our country.
    2] We can not export any arms or ammunitions .
    3] Why our Domestic Private Enterprises are not encouraged to engage in manufacturing these equipments
    4] Who are the Foreign companies wanting to develope us as home market !!

    Nothing is more pressing than Sovereignty

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