Pax Indica: East of Singapore

The waters east of Singapore hold the key to the lands west of the Indus

Yesterday’s post was about the developments in East Asia. In today’s Pax Indica column, I argue that India must be part of the security equilibrium in that region. Excerpts:

India’s strategic power projection will not be unwelcome in South East Asia. It will also enable the United States to remain engaged in Afghanistan-Pakistan by freeing up resources that might otherwise be employed in the western Pacific. Also, regardless of what the United States does, an Indian strategic commitment in East Asia will strengthen its overall negotiation position with China.

Whatever might have caused China to bully its neighbours this year, it has opened another window of opportunity for India to engage with the region. Pre-occupied as it is with the game in the north-western part of the subcontinent, it is unclear if New Delhi sufficiently realises that the seas east of Singapore hold the key to the lands west of the Indus.

India must vastly increase its economic, diplomatic and military presence in and beyond South East Asia. [Yahoo! India]

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  1. Easier said than done. There is a deep economic and cultural relation already in that region with China (China is the largest trading partner for most of them and Chinese diaspora control a large amount of economy in many of them!). The only true holdout is Japan. Also one must realize that historically most of East and SE Asia countries were “tributary” states. And so apart from occassional noises many of these smaller countries seem to be quite ok with Chinese hedgemony. I don’t think there is much scope for India. And US won’t be too willing as well.

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