Popular in the United States, India is

Almost three out of four Americans have a positive impression of India

Here’s a chart based on the findings of the recent Gallup survey of public opinion in the United States:

Popularity among US residents
Chart: The Acorn | Data: Gallup 2011 Country Favourability Rankings

The mutual love fest continues. As we noted a few months ago, it’s set to continue because India is popular among the young. We do not have survey data, but it’s likely that the situation is mirrored in India.

4 thoughts on “Popular in the United States, India is”

  1. What’s not to like? A peaceful productive population that says “How High?”. And as noted reciprocates the love in no small measure.

  2. As an American of Indian origin the “like” is genuine, at least in my experience. The United States is a large country with a varied population and many interests around the world, and, when looking out at the world, sees a country that has much to admire. Why not?

    I hope the admiration is mutual. Admiration doesn’t mean we have to agree on each and every thing but that we generally support the same ideas of governance.

    Nice post.

  3. One more small thing (I was reading around the site. Quite enjoyable): the liking is not based on such things as “how high”. I’m sorry, but India hasn’t had much attention in the United States until recently and most of the reporting is on cultural items such as Bollywood and the growing economy. I don’t think the idea that India is grossly pliant to American wishes comes into the average person’s thinking at all. Nor should it. There are many areas where we – respectfully – disagree and don’t work together so I don’t understand the accusation in the above comment?

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