Pragati, refreshed

The Indian National Interest Review

Before we even realised it, Pragati is into its fifth year.

Issue 49 cover
New look, same old goodness
Some changes were in order. We’ve revamped the magazine in size and style to make it easier to read, especially on digital devices such as the iPad. The page size is smaller and Aditya Dipankar and Anuj Agrawal, our designers, have revamped the layout to make the pages more attractive and more importantly, easier to read. Download the digital community edition here.

It took us some time to get these changes in place, so this issue reaches you a few days later than usual. But what better day to publish the refreshed Pragati than on B R Ambedkar’s birth anniversary?

As usual you are encouraged to distribute this magazine among your friends and associates.

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1 thought on “Pragati, refreshed”

  1. I have to be the party pooper but hope you take this well –
    I have been a follower of your work for 6+ years now and admire what you have done and are doing.
    However this edition is fairly so-so. Most writers seem amateurish except you.
    I am with Atanu 100% but even his essays are now becoming boring and the rest are really really average.
    Just some feedback – hope you take it the right way – keep doing what you do!

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