Sunday Levity: Paid views

The Sicilian women who offered this blogger $150m to oppose Anna Hazare

An excerpt of my short article in OPEN magazine on the wages of making unpopular points:

If the political establishment didn’t know how to respond to Anna Hazare, the mindless thousands who supported him—largely from in front of their television and computer screens— were clueless how to handle criticism of their ephemeral hero.

Now, one of the ordinary joys of non-partisanship is being called a ‘Congress hack’ or a ‘Hindutva-type’ from time to time. It gets even better when you manage being both at the same time on the same issue. Political debate in India is about labels attacking other labels, personalities attacking other personalities and parties attacking other parties. Watch a news debate on mute, and you still won’t miss anything.

But Hazare’s hazaars were extraordinary. Righteous outrage, sanctimony, the free period between two cricket tournaments and the predilection for online rudeness came together and pummelled anyone who dared point out that maybe the boon that Hazare was asking for was really more of a curse. [Read the rest at OPEN]

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1 thought on “Sunday Levity: Paid views”

  1. Well, one of those ‘mindless thousands’ wants to know when will all the high and mighty intellectuals of our country, instead of shooting the messenger, suggest constitutionally correct, practical, and effective measures to free us of this ‘ghoos’ raj.

    Am yet to hear one of these privileged individuals, sitting in their secluded ivory towers, with their own personal columns and bye lines, come up with alternatives, other than mouthing platitudes to the constitution and hurling ridicule at the lawlessness and flawed thinking of us sanctimonious idiots.

    Hazare may well be entirely wrong, these superior and pompous human beings keep reminding us. But is the cause therefore also to be pushed under? Remember the baby and the bathwater?

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