Three thoughts on Independence Day

New mantras for a new India

It’s been a tradition on this blog to post three thoughts for quiet contemplation on Independence and Republic days. Today, there’s a song to go with them.

Hum Hindustani (1960). Music: Usha Khanna, Lyrics: Prem Dhawan, Singer: Mukesh

The three thoughts: A mantra for the alternative; who says nationalism must be intolerant and what is wrong with asking women to learn martial arts.

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3 thoughts on “Three thoughts on Independence Day”

  1. Sir, I follow you keenly on twitter and like your tweets. I felt like writing a blog on Independence day but realised that things haven’t changed in any way since Republic Day this year. Only the incidents are different – the situation is the same – or even worse. Request you to see my blog written on this Republic Day and give your opinion.

    1. Prasad,

      Thanks. I am glad your blog post contemplates on the reality around us. This does not mean we surrender, but act to change the reality.

      best wishes

      1. Nitin:
        It is clear to me that Prasad’s blog recounted only a few incidents in the grand mis-governance of our beloved country. India is bleeding through innumerable stabbings by our own citizens. You said, to quote, “…not mean we surrender, but to act change …”. I would like to know who, when and how are currently changing this reality? I fear that none, nowhere and nothing is happening to change the tragic reality (crimiaity?) in our country.

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