Sunday Levity: What did you learn from Gandhi?

The morals we draw The father gathered the two little girls around him. Since they had disturbed him while he was reading a book on Gandhi, he decided to tell them about the Mahatma and more specifically, why he had a large framed photograph of the man in his study. So he told them the … Continue reading “Sunday Levity: What did you learn from Gandhi?”

A very unGandhian land

India didn’t start projecting power yesterday When you read an article that goes “Land of Gandhi Asserts Itself as Global Military Power” in the western press you suspect that it is a stereotype-reinforcing piece written for stereotypical western readers. And that is exactly what Anand Giridharadas’s piece in the New York Times is. (Linkthanks Ram … Continue reading “A very unGandhian land”

Gucci doesn’t trump Gandhi

Fashion was never the Mahatma’s strong point Emily Wax, Washington Post’s correspondent, files a story fresh off the latest shuttle flight from Mars. People in India, she finds, are neither wearing the homespun nor living the spartan lifestyle like the great father of their nation. Why, they are going for branded goods instead! Sominism is … Continue reading “Gucci doesn’t trump Gandhi”

On Gandhi and the Jews

A deeper understanding of ahimsa at the time of genocide Over at Prospect magazine, Salil Tripathi has a brilliant explanation of Mahatma Gandhi’s views on the Jews and the Third Reich. This position has been characterised as passivity bordering on cowardice. But it is subtler than that. Gandhi expressed great sympathy for the historical persecution … Continue reading “On Gandhi and the Jews”

How Mrs Gandhi got ‘committed’ judges

The Congress party is exerting pressure on the Supreme Court. It’s done that before—successfully Unhappy with Supreme Court decisions that went against their reservations agenda, the UPA government’s luminaries have ratcheted up their rhetoric casting aspersions on the motives of the judiciary. Taking an unprecedented shortcut (one that is unavailable to its legal opponents) the … Continue reading “How Mrs Gandhi got ‘committed’ judges”

In partial defence of Rajiv Gandhi

The last prime minister to have backed pax Indica Thinking it through in Mint, Amit Varma has an excellent piece on the the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and the scary certainty of having to see Rahul at the helm. The dynasty’s legacy of shame is vast, but Rajiv Gandhi’s intervention in Sri Lanka, contrary to Amit’s opinion, … Continue reading “In partial defence of Rajiv Gandhi”

Weekday Squib: Gandhigiri – The Game

A computer game that teaches the use of non-violent conflict to achieve democracy and human rights The editorial staff of this blog (and their families) never quite caught the computer games bug (except for that short, intense fling with Civilization III). But here’s a game that caught our attention: Can a computer game help people … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Gandhigiri – The Game”

Mahatma Gandhi on Kim Jong Il

The North Korean regime communicates with the dead On Wednesday, October 11th 2006, Mahatma Gandhi said: “Bush is the worst fascist war criminal in humankind history but Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is the Leader of Peace and the Defender of the Earth.” [Songun Blog] That’s what the Songun Blog (highly recommended by Retributions) says. … Continue reading “Mahatma Gandhi on Kim Jong Il”

Indira Gandhi called Nixon a —-

Will we ever know? Nixon’s uncouth references to Indira Gandhi, the Nixon-Kissinger duo’s uncharitable description of Indians, and their criminal silence over the genocide in Bangladesh come as no surprise. Nixon, was after all a, err, Nixon. And Kissinger, that unashamed exponent of realpolitik, is still Kissinger. But what went on in Indira Gandhi’s own … Continue reading “Indira Gandhi called Nixon a —-“