Pax Indica: Understanding Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex

Identifying the source of the threat Excerpt from today’s Pax Indica column at Yahoo!: The military-jihadi complex is a dynamic network of military, militant, radical Islamist and political-economic structures that pursues a set of domestic and foreign policies to ensure its own survival and relative dominance. What does the military-jihadi complex comprise of? Obviously, it … Continue reading “Pax Indica: Understanding Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex”

Destroy Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex

And can we not get distracted please! At a time when the astute businessmen running the Times of India are exploiting (via Oh, Teri!) the quintessentially Indian tendency to allow hope to triumph over experience, it is all the more important not to lose sight of reality. At the core of one of the most … Continue reading “Destroy Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex”

Taliban, Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex and the United States

Some Taliban are allied with Pakistan, against America. Other Taliban are against Pakistan because of America. None of them are ‘moderate’. Choose your pick: aspirin or scotch. You’ll need help to cope with this week’s news from Pakistan. First, there is Mullah Omar and his shura, all but openly operating out of Quetta in Balochistan, … Continue reading “Taliban, Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex and the United States”

Pakistan’s new big jihadi show

Where militant defend the military from foreign sponsors and domestic puppets When the jihadi face of Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex brazenly showed itself in the form of a Difa-e-Pakistan (Defence of Pakistan) rally in Lahore last month, it appeared that the military face had used ‘non-state actors’ to send a signal both to Washington and its … Continue reading “Pakistan’s new big jihadi show”

The screws, they tighten on Pakistan’s military establishment

Washington is negotiating by other methods So the Obama administration has announced that it has suspended $800m in aid to the Pakistani military establishment, amounting to around a third of the annual outlay. This is a bold departure from the traditional throw-more-money-at-the-problem approach that has not quite worked for the United States, Pakistan or other … Continue reading “The screws, they tighten on Pakistan’s military establishment”

Has the Inter Jihadi League started?

A good chance that it has In March, Sultan Amir “Colonel Imam” Tarar and Khaled Khawaja—men deeply mixed up in the Pakistani military-jihadi complex—were kidnapped. By the end of April, Mr Khawaja was found dead. This week the government of Pakistan’s Punjab province announced that Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, the chief of the Pakistan army-linked Lashkar-e-Taiba, … Continue reading “Has the Inter Jihadi League started?”

United behind the jihadis

Pakistan shows itself to be anti-India, at whatever cost to itself (again) “No relationship,” writes Rajdeep Sardesai “has been as schizophrenic as that between the two subcontinental neighbours…How does one explain travelling to the headquarters of the Lashkar during the day, and sitting in the evening in the hotel lobby listening to a pianist play … Continue reading “United behind the jihadis”

ISI’s change of course and other stories

Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex will need more then the prospect of diplomatic isolation to change its policies. Cyril Almeida’s report reads too good to be true. Facing international isolation—read lack of support from the United States and even China—Pakistan’s civilian leaders confronted the ISI chiefand got him to permit action against the Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Jaish-e-Mohammed, … Continue reading “ISI’s change of course and other stories”

The reaction from the other side

Post-surgical mattersLast night, militants attacked a Border Security Force-Rashtriya Rifles camp in Baramulla, killing one trooper and injuring another. Coming a few days after India announced that it had carried out surgical strikes across the Line of Control, the attack on Baramulla will be seen through the prism of ‘retaliation’ from the Pakistani side. There … Continue reading “The reaction from the other side”