Non Proliferation Ayatollahs

Kaushik Kapisthalam takes the ‘international non-proliferation ayatollahs’ to task for targeting India while the real proliferators – Pakistan and China – went about their business unfettered. Moreover, while India’s cooperation could prove valuable in the quest for the ‘holy grail’ of nuclear technology – the closed fuel cycle, it is being shut out of the … Continue reading “Non Proliferation Ayatollahs”

The not-so-real ayatollah

David Albright’s credentials called into question This blog has on several occasions called out David Albright’s high-profile reports on nuclear proliferation as being not alright. That they use facts to insinuate pre-determined conclusions, that they don’t have much by way of real analysis and that the timing of their release raises serious questions as to … Continue reading “The not-so-real ayatollah”

Robert Wrong

Why the discourse over nuclear arms controls needs to start with objectivity Over at the New York Times Opinionator, Robert Wright gives you a timesaving preview of his deep thoughts before Armageddon. The NPT review conference next month will amount to nothing because, essentially, because “change is impossible when lots of those 189 nations are … Continue reading “Robert Wrong”

Mira Kamdar’s confused diatribe

The fastest growing democracy is indeed transforming America and the world. Mira Kamdar is right about one thing: not “all opponents of the deal (or even those who dare question some of its provisions)” should be smeared as “nonproliferation ayatollahs” and “enemies of India”. Some are merely confused. Like Ms Kamdar herself, for instance. In … Continue reading “Mira Kamdar’s confused diatribe”

General Electric

After the “clean waiver” in Vienna According the the Nuclear Suppliers Group, its guidelines “are implemented by each NSG participant in accordance with its national laws and practices. Decisions on export applications are taken at the national level in accordance with national export licensing requirements. This is the prerogative and right of all States for … Continue reading “General Electric”

Lying to the legislature

Maybe, maybe not. It does not matter The Indian prime minister told his legislature that India has the right to conduct a nuclear test. The US president told his, that the United States has the right to cease co-operation and repossess whatever was sold to India. Neither is being untruthful. But it is amazing that … Continue reading “Lying to the legislature”

Born with a fatal flaw

The nuclear non-proliferation treaty cannot prevent proliferation in its current form It is fashionable among the critics of the India-US nuclear accord to point out that making an exception for India is against the ‘heart of the NPT bargain‘ and constitutes a ‘bomb-sized loophole‘ through the treaty. Under this popular interpretation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation … Continue reading “Born with a fatal flaw”

Declaring the hand on Iran

The onus is on the permanent members of the UN Security Council. India must not stand in the way Last November, The Acorn had argued that India must leave it to the permanent members of the UN Security Council to decide to defend or punish Iran on the nuclear issue. Indeed, the permanent members — … Continue reading “Declaring the hand on Iran”

Albright not Alright

The non-proliferation ayatollahs are at it again. With the US-India nuclear cooperation under scrutiny in the US Congress what better time than now to produce revelations that India’s record on nuclear non-proliferation is not that squeaky clean after all. David Albright and his colleagues at the Institute for Science and International Security have published a … Continue reading “Albright not Alright”