They just about call him Nutwar too

Does the editor of the Indian Express read The Acorn? It is the Express’ turn to take Natwar Singh to task. The foreign minister’s remarks are fraught with fairly dangerous implications. Is he suggesting foreign policy is no more than an extension of domestic politics? Should, then, the Government of India immediately junk its hard … Continue reading “They just about call him Nutwar too”

We call him Nutwar

The Indian government provides lame justifications for supporting Iran The Indian foreign minister made a very poor case in trying to justify India’s potential vote against referring Iran’s dubious ‘civilian’ nuclear programme to the UN Security Council. This is what he said: “Everybody would like to avoid a contentious debate in the Security Council,” (Foreign … Continue reading “We call him Nutwar”

The Nutwar liability

Foot in the loud mouth Bharat Bhushan points out that Natwar Singh’s preoccupation with the 1972 Simla Agreement puts India in an unfavourable position. The Islamabad statement of January 6 is, in fact, a major achievement for India and going back to the Shimla agreement is a clear regression. In that statement Islamabad conceded three … Continue reading “The Nutwar liability”

Dead horse flogging

We will miss you Nutwar Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to Brazil and Cuba is being projected as ‘a showpiece of an independent foreign policy’. A showpiece it most certainly is. While the India-Brazil-South Africa partnership is a useful platform for the three countries to pursue their interests at global economic fora, like the WTO … Continue reading “Dead horse flogging”

Musharraf sticks to his guns

While India continues to yield Gen Musharraf also said that Pakistan will continue its “moral, diplomatic and political” support for Muslim separatists in Indian-administered Kashmir. “We are totally with the Kashmiris in their struggle.” “Our moral, diplomatic and political help will always continue in their struggle until they succeed in their great objective. Our sincere … Continue reading “Musharraf sticks to his guns”

And he is India’s foreign minister?

Why oh why are we ruled by these Nuts External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh has virtually expressed regret over India’s current nuclear status. Speaking to the Korea Times daily, he also called upon the two Koreas not to emulate India’s example in becoming a nuclear power.Singh, in the interview, sought to shift the entire blame … Continue reading “And he is India’s foreign minister?”

Finally, a bold editorial on the Iraqi kidnapping

Late, but kudos to the Indian Express Even as the Indian government stoops lower and lower, it is heartening to see the Indian Express display the cojones so very lacking in the Indian media’s reaction to the kidnapping of Indian citizens by Iraqi terrorists. Dont feed the terror: Appeasement of terrorist — perversely called “freedom … Continue reading “Finally, a bold editorial on the Iraqi kidnapping”

Reading between Manmohan Singh’s lines – 2

Better than Nutwar Manmohan Singh spoke on foreign relations for probably the first time since he took office; or it may be the first time people actually heard him. The most striking part of Dr Singh’s speech was that there was no striking foreign policy idea. He confirmed that India would work towards better relations … Continue reading “Reading between Manmohan Singh’s lines – 2”

Saudis ghraib an Indian national

India must protect its nationals The Religious Policeman reports that the Saudi ‘mutawwa’ arrested and brutally tortured Brian Savio O’Connor, a native of Hubli, Karnataka on the suspicion that he was trying to preach Christianity. It doesn’t get any better after that, in fact it gets worse. Upsetting stuff to read. One of his misfortunes, … Continue reading “Saudis ghraib an Indian national”