Weekday Squib: The Mudcrab’s Birthday Party

A bedtime story Teji & Nida were excited. They couldn’t wait to go to Muddy Prasad’s birthday party that evening. Finally it was 5 ‘o’ clock and it was time to go. There were two huge mudcrabs standing outside Muddy Prasad’s house. “But you can’t go in there with those clothes”, they said. “You’ll have … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: The Mudcrab’s Birthday Party”

Weekday Squib: Jimmy Jimmy in Tajikistan

What would India’s soft power be without Bappi? In its June 2009 edition, the Proceedings of the Centre for Soft Power Studies reported how Jimmy Zingchak holds sway over the people of Kazakhstan. Today it brings to your attention the wonderful Tajik Jimmy—whose career mirrors that of the Jimmy incarnation. Baimurat Allaberiyev, who herded sheep … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Jimmy Jimmy in Tajikistan”

Weekday Squib: Dispossession Certificate

If you are robbed by the Taliban, remember to ask for a receipt If you thought that posing for photographs with hijacked US military Humvees was a nice touch, you will find this nicer. Yet many expect raids on the convoys to continue. Rahmanullah, 28, said the attacks have become so commonplace in recent months … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Dispossession Certificate”

Weekday Squib: From centrifugist to columnist

It’s about spinning anyway Okay, your extra strong dose of irony supplements comes from Pakistan’s The News daily. Their new columnist, a certain Abdul Qadeer Khan, delivers Urdu couplets, self-justification, Musharraf-vilification, Bhutto-sycophancy and a couple of nuggets about Pakistan’s nuclear and missile deals with China and North Korea. But the what touches the heart is … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: From centrifugist to columnist”

Weekday Squib: Pray to ward off the plague

Religious diversity is the side effect of…increased threat of infectious disease From the British Psychological Society’s Research Blog comes a rather startling conclusion: religion was established for the “avoidance and management of infectious disease” (linkthanks Rajeev Mantri): Fincher and Thornhill used the World Christian Encyclopedia and the Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network to compare … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Pray to ward off the plague”

Weekday Squib: Spy pigeons on our staff

We can see you As if destroying the fabric of US democracy was not enough, it now emerges that we are spying on Iran as well…using pigeons and squirrels. MountainRunner has details of Project ACORN—Autonomous Coordinated Organic Reconnaissance Network. The only reason the Iranians managed to capture our agents was because of a malfunction in … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Spy pigeons on our staff”

Weekday Squib: Know the power of this blog

The phones, they don’t stop a-ringing According to US presidential candidate Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona): Acorn… is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.” [NYT] Know the power of this blog, dear readers. And be awed. Of … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Know the power of this blog”