Khan the Centrifugist arrested

Certain “unspecified restrictions” have been imposed on nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan following continuing investigations by the government into alleged links between some Pakistani scientists and Iran. Daily Times has learnt that the movement of Dr Qadeer, who established Khan Research Laboratories at Kahuta, has been restricted and he is being “debriefed”. These restrictions … Continue reading “Khan the Centrifugist arrested”

Khan the Centrifugist

The LA Times reports that Iran’s nuclear programme is based on uranium enrichment using Urenco’s centrifuge designs. The United Nations nuclear watchdog agency is investigating potential links between the atomic programs of Iran and Pakistan after discovering that the secret Iranian uranium-enrichment program used technology identical to Pakistani plans, diplomats said. A diplomat said that … Continue reading “Khan the Centrifugist”

Weekday Squib: From centrifugist to columnist

It’s about spinning anyway Okay, your extra strong dose of irony supplements comes from Pakistan’s The News daily. Their new columnist, a certain Abdul Qadeer Khan, delivers Urdu couplets, self-justification, Musharraf-vilification, Bhutto-sycophancy and a couple of nuggets about Pakistan’s nuclear and missile deals with China and North Korea. But the what touches the heart is … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: From centrifugist to columnist”

A Q Khan, China and the truth

Bidirectional proliferation Please don’t yawn. Savour the details. The Centrifugist revealed his side of the story to Simon Henderson. The latter’s article in The Sunday Times should put paid to the “Khan’s was a rogue operation” farce. It also tells the story of how China and Pakistan helped each other in nuclear technology. (Khan’s) team … Continue reading “A Q Khan, China and the truth”

Putting an uppity Centrifugist in his place

He was involved in nuclear proliferation, apparently You will be forgiven for yawning. David Albright is going to release a report—he’s already leaked it to the media, ensuring that the report makes a splash—that points out that A Q Khan might have sold advanced nuclear warhead designs, in addition to those old Chinese designs that … Continue reading “Putting an uppity Centrifugist in his place”

Only a rap on the knuckles for A Q Khan’s Western accomplices

Or, everyone wants to hide a red face “It’s curious”, writes Mark Strauss, editor of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, “that a trafficker in nuclear technology gets less jail time than a prolific spammer”. The December 2006 edition of the Bulletin is a special on A Q Khan. In the special report, Kenley Butler, Sammy … Continue reading “Only a rap on the knuckles for A Q Khan’s Western accomplices”

The Centrifugist – unwrapped for the masses

About Time, but its coverage reinforces two myths And yet one year after Khan appeared on Pakistani television and confessed to selling some of that country’s most prized secrets, the world is only beginning to uncover the extent of his treachery—and comprehend how one man did more to destabilize the planet than did many of … Continue reading “The Centrifugist – unwrapped for the masses”

Khan’s South African centrifuge factory

Unpardoning and questioning the Centrifugist is vital What they found in South Africa is mind-boggling — an entire flat-packed DIY nuclear enrichment plant, originally destined for Libya. More evidence then, for those who need it, that Khan’s unquestioned life in secluded retirement poses immense dangers for the rest of us. Beyond Condi Rice’s election time … Continue reading “Khan’s South African centrifuge factory”

The Centrifugist in the Debate

Busted yes, but not brought to justice US President George W. Bush twice mentioned Khan the Centrifugist in the first campaign debate. The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice… We busted the A.Q. Khan network. This was a proliferator out of Pakistan that was selling secrets to places like North Korea and Libya. … Continue reading “The Centrifugist in the Debate”

The forgotten Centrifugist

Nuclear proliferation cannot seriously be tackled until the A Q Khan affair is cleared up It would be a shame if the A Q Khan affair were to be allowed to slip through America’s electoral cracks, but that is exactly what Nicholas Kristof fears is happening. I’m talking about the arrangement under which the U.S. … Continue reading “The forgotten Centrifugist”