The baseless days are back again

(They never went away, stupid!) General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, chief of Pakistan’s army and a lot more besides, has declared that “India’s “allegations” against Pakistan “baseless”.” Baseless. That quintessentially Pakistani word. It is the word for every reason, for every season. In fact, it should be declared that country’s national word. And officially be made … Continue reading “The baseless days are back again”

Baseless allegations (Kingston, Jamaica edition)

How did Woolmer die? It is when Pakistani media managers say that the “allegations are baseless” that you know you have to sit up and take notice. No, this one is not about terrorists and gangsters living in the country under the ISI’s protection (although that is not entirely ruled out). This one is about … Continue reading “Baseless allegations (Kingston, Jamaica edition)”

“Baseless” allegations ?

Arnaud de Bauchgrave of UPI and Washington Times summarises the Pakistani lies from nuclear weapons to jehadi camps to support for the Taleban. One of the statements which used to accompany Pakistani missile tests were that they were ‘indigenously developed’. But on the recent trip to South Korea, Musharraf admitted that Pakistan had acquired missiles … Continue reading ““Baseless” allegations ?”

Troop movements of the curious kind

Understanding the unusual movement of two army units towards New Delhi The byline of the report shows its seriousness. It could not have been filed without the approval of the highest levels of the Indian government. It is deeply worrisome. In January 2012, almost 60 years after the Indian republic was established, some people in … Continue reading “Troop movements of the curious kind”

What about the Balochistan on the table?

India need not be defensive, apologetic or overly concerned about correcting Pakistan’s allegations of meddling Yesterday’s post pointed out why the mention of Balochistan in the India-Pakistan joint statement at Sharm-el-Sheikh hurts India’s interests. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s giveaway enables Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex to distract attention from the Talibanisation of the Pakistani state, and unite … Continue reading “What about the Balochistan on the table?”

Manmohan Singh’s costly lollipop giveway

Reinforcing the Denial in Pakistani society is setback for India Mirror-imaging is not uncommon in popular conceptions that Indians and Pakistanis have of each other. You hear it from Indian lofty-softies when they declare that Pakistanis are “people like us”. But while Indian mirror-imaging generally stops with an innocent notion of the nature of Pakistani … Continue reading “Manmohan Singh’s costly lollipop giveway”

Comical Gilani

The farce is with him Yousuf Raza Gilani, who became Pakistan’s prime minister before he knew what was going on, and remains prime minister without knowing what is going on (and, is likely to still not know what is going down even after not remaining the prime minister) has upstaged the Pakistani foreign office spokesperson—historically, … Continue reading “Comical Gilani”

The attack on Hyderabad

Isn’t it time that the Indian government decided that enough is enough? It’s the latest episode of a morbid soap opera which started soon after then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee made his way to Islamabad and kick-started the ‘peace process’ with Pakistan. The principal objective of the Pakistani ISI-Dawood-jihadi nexus became one of undermining … Continue reading “The attack on Hyderabad”

Hot pursuit, boo!

Tripping up the Pakistani foreign office spokesperson is easy The folks at Pakistan’s foreign office, especially the luckless spokesperson, are perennial favourites here on this blog. It’s a simple two-toned make-believe world out there. When not in denial, they are engaged in offensive defence — charges against Pakistan are “totally baseless” and any attempt to … Continue reading “Hot pursuit, boo!”