Shovels are insufficient

Guns are necessary The attack on Indian officials in Kabul on February 26th was no ordinary one—it was almost certainly an operation ordered by the ISI and carried out by one or the other of its errand boys. If the ‘taliban’ wanted to merely attack Indian nationals they could have picked any of the hundreds … Continue reading “Shovels are insufficient”

Sunday Levity: Unintended consequences of people-to-people contacts

Don’t want to go back! Mahesh Bhatt’s film Nazar, was made at the height of Bollywood’s love affair with Pakistan. Getting Meera, a Pakistani actress to kiss Ashmit Patel, and Indian actor challenged social sensibilities in Pakistan (kissing an Indian actor) and celluloid sensibilities in India (kissing a Pakistani actress). The resulting controversy over the … Continue reading “Sunday Levity: Unintended consequences of people-to-people contacts”

No substitute for pro-active citizenship

Decentralisation and litigation are not substitutes for pro-active citizenship A denizen of Bollywood takes time off to take the Maharashtra state government to court for failing in its responsibility (via Youth Curry). Some others have argued that since Mumbai city gives more to its apathetic parent state than it receives in return, its citizens may … Continue reading “No substitute for pro-active citizenship”

Weekday Squib: The limits of neighbourly love

And an egg on the face of Bollywood apologists When Mahesh Bhatt and his daughter went to Pakistan late last year, they had no qualms in scoring points with the local audience, at India’s expense. What better a forum to criticise human rights violations and atrocities committed by India’s armed forces in Kashmir than the … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: The limits of neighbourly love”

Bollywood’s apologists should go the whole nine yards

Integrity demands that they tell the Pakistanis the whole story Mahesh Bhatt and his daughter Pooja addressed a press conference in Karachi, where they took a laudable position against human rights violations wherever they may occur. “I am against human rights violations and atrocities on people wherever they are committed, even if these violations are … Continue reading “Bollywood’s apologists should go the whole nine yards”

Wrong Message, Wrong Audience

More Bollywood personalities are jumping on to the peace with Pakistan bandwagon, making passionate calls for peace. Urmila Matondkar already visited Lahore and made friends with Lollywood actresses. That’s good for her. But her apologetic attitude (“I dont make movies that create tension with Pakistan”) was uncalled for. At best this is a cynical move … Continue reading “Wrong Message, Wrong Audience”