My op-ed in the Indian Express: Bring the troops back

The case for India to scale down its UN peacekeeping contributions Sushant K Singh and I argue that controversy in Congo is a wake-up call for India to review its policy on UN peacekeeping. A slightly edited version of the following appears in today’s Indian Express. A recent investigation by the BBC’s Panorama found that … Continue reading “My op-ed in the Indian Express: Bring the troops back”

The United States as seen by India

In a positive light, overwhelmingly It is difficult to get 71% of Indians to agree on anything. But Bill Rice’s post on the latest Pew survey reveals that by and large, Indians have some very good feelings about the United States. Bill concludes that this counts as a success for the Bush administration’s foreign policy. … Continue reading “The United States as seen by India”

Please take your seats

Reforming the UN Security Council India, Japan, Brazil and Germany have closed ranks to collectively lobby for seats for each other at the (expanded) UN Security Council. They have also called for an African member to join their ranks. Pakistan opposes India, but could not care less if the others get in. China is uncomfortable … Continue reading “Please take your seats”

The calculations behind Putin’s support

Putin gets to be a good guy, at very little cost to himself During his India visit, Russian President Vladimir Putin came out strongly in support of India’s bid for a permanent seat (with veto powers) on the UN Security Council, leaving his hosts happy enough. Siberian Light reveals a shrewd calculation behind Putin’s bold … Continue reading “The calculations behind Putin’s support”

Europe over-represented

Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi write that the current search for a new IMF chief reflects the undue weight given to Europe in international affairs. The whole world has turned upside down, and yet France and Britain, for example, retain permanent seats on the UN Security Council. This made sense in 1945; it does not … Continue reading “Europe over-represented”