Of humans and chattel

A free society is more important than free markets Atanu Dey has been blogging about a serious issue – India’s population problem – and the drag it is causing on India’s social and economic growth. His idea to use free-market economics to solve the population sounds promising in principle, but the mechanism he proposes risks … Continue reading “Of humans and chattel”

Natwar Singh’s arrogance is a liability

Calcified Arrogance Natwar Singh’s arrogance, as Acorn commentator Vijay Dandapani pointed out, knows no bounds. Just this week, he deliberately did not meet visiting Pentagon official Douglas Feith who is in India as part of a US-India defence cooperation dialogue. Going by protocol, Feith’s Indian counterpart may be Defence Secretary Ajay Prasad, but Natwar Singh … Continue reading “Natwar Singh’s arrogance is a liability”

Who put the shine on India?

Manmohan, Rajiv or…Indira? In the 1970s, India’s businessmen were protected from foreign competition, but paralysed by government regulations. In the 1980s, the Gandhis freed businessmen but they did little to free markets. [The Economist] The Economist reviews two recent papers that try to pin down when and who started India’s faster rates of growth. Was … Continue reading “Who put the shine on India?”

Insult unpunished

Shameful precedent Not only did the Indian government let Musharraf’s insult go unpunished, it has ended up rewarding him ! Foreign Minister Natwar Singh has announced that Sonia Gandhi will accept the General’s invitation and visit Pakistan. Congress president Sonia Gandhi may visit Pakistan accepting an invitation by President Gen Pervez Musharraf, External Affairs Minister … Continue reading “Insult unpunished”

The United States must not lose in Iraq

It is not the principle – ridding the world of dictators who harbour terrorists, threaten the use of weapons of mass destruction and oppress their own people is a noble, justified cause. It is the selective and incorrect application of this principle that placed many Indians squarely against the US war on Iraq. The dichotomy … Continue reading “The United States must not lose in Iraq”

Look who is imposing a ‘deadline’

So General Musharraf has set a ‘deadline’ – August 2004 – before which if India does not make concessions on Kashmir, he will pull out of the peace process. The jehadis are only waiting for his whistle to step up their violence Soon after the SAARC summit, however, the limited restraints on the Lashkar were … Continue reading “Look who is imposing a ‘deadline’”

Mani talks anachronisms

Mani Shankar Aiyar is perhaps the only person who believes that “in (the last) six years, India’s status in the world has been grievously undermined” due to the Vajpayee government’s foreign policy. Expectedly, he latches on to the Pakistan’s recent annointment as America’s most allied of allies as the nadir of Jaswant’s and Yashwant’s stint … Continue reading “Mani talks anachronisms”