The T Files

This is not news. Material from the US National Security Archive, dug up by Sajit Gandhi in his Taliban File project, suggeststhat the US knew that the Pakistani government was bankrolling the Taliban in the early 1990s. [via The Agonist]

Bangladesh in fundamentalist quicksand

Bangladesh is fast slipping into a vicious cycle of fundamentalism with the connivance of the ruling party. Rezwan points out that the recent stabbing of a Dhaka academic is only the latest incident in a spiralling cycle putting society on the verge of Talibanisation. India should intervene. In the past, Indira Gandhi gave the green … Continue reading “Bangladesh in fundamentalist quicksand”

The Acorn’s Opinion on The Economist’s Opinion

The Acorn largely agrees with The Economist’s prognosis, but only partially with its diagnosis. I’m referring to the “India Shining” issue of the Economist that is on the stands in India at at a special price of Rs 65 (against the usual Rs 120), thanks in part to lavish advertisements by Dr J Jayalalithaa’s Tamil … Continue reading “The Acorn’s Opinion on The Economist’s Opinion”

Lending Respectability to Terrorists

B Raman argues: The Sri Lankan Government and political leaders cannot escape a major share of responsibility for the gradual erosion of the ground from under their feet. While one could understand their decision to allow Norway to have independent access to Prabakaran, it was unwise on their part to have allowed Japanese do-gooders and … Continue reading “Lending Respectability to Terrorists”

Kasuri must be an idiot

Pakistan’s Kasuri upon return from Europe held forth on his great achievements. But his statements definitely point to the fact that he’s an idiot. He contends that India’s stance is duplicitous because on one hand India asks Pakistan to curb cross-border infiltration, and on the other has proposed a Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus link. “Is this bus … Continue reading “Kasuri must be an idiot”