Palestinians get another dose of Gandhi

The Ben Kingley version Jeff Skoll, philanthroper and co-founder of eBay, has joined the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Arun Gandhi (the Mahatma’s grandson) and the Christian Science Monitor in calling for Palestinians to adopt a non-violent approach in their struggle. Unfortunately though, these calls were not particularly effective in the past. Skoll arranged for the … Continue reading “Palestinians get another dose of Gandhi”

Why the next Arafat must be a Gandhi

The time is right for a Satyagraha in Ramallah Arafat’s death marks the end of an era. Violence, especially terrorism, as a means to whatever end, stands thoroughly discredited. And the Israeli government has painted itself into a corner where it will be forced to negotiate with a Palestinian leader who eschews violence. Arun Gandhi … Continue reading “Why the next Arafat must be a Gandhi”

Arafat had warned Rajiv Gandhi about the assassination plot

…the good is oft interr’d with their bones Yasser Arafat was close to the Nehru-Gandhi family — and had personally warned Rajiv Gandhi of a plot to assassinate him during the 1991 election campaign. 2.10 By far, however, one of the most mysterious and yet unraveled threat perception revolves around a warning given by Chairman … Continue reading “Arafat had warned Rajiv Gandhi about the assassination plot”

South Africa and the Gandhi legacy

Its time to move beyond Gandhi and Mandela India’s President Abdul Kalam is on a state visit to South Africa with an itinerary that is full of Gandhian nostalgia. However, the Mahatma is not universally liked in South Africa, especially given his not so very charitable opinion of the blacks. Abiola Lapite has an interesting … Continue reading “South Africa and the Gandhi legacy”

Palestinian views on the Gandhi proposal

Ahimsa and violent Intifada cannot co-exist Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson visited the Palestinian territories recently, provoking some consideration of ahimsa in the Middle Eastern context. But the Electronic Intifada writes [via Infoshop] that Palestinian acts of non-violence are ignored by the international media, concluding that the myth of Gandhi is unsuitable in the context of the … Continue reading “Palestinian views on the Gandhi proposal”

Gandhi’s grandson in Palestine

Here, try ahimsa! Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson addressed a public meeting in Ramallah urging the Palestinians to stop their violent intifada and take the path of non-violence in their struggle against Israel. The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is one place where Gandhi’s strategy of a non-violent struggle is likely to work. Israel is a democracy, … Continue reading “Gandhi’s grandson in Palestine”

Why Sonia Gandhi must become Prime Minister – redux

Everyone who voted for either the Congress or any of its pre-poll allies knew they were, in effect, casting a vote for Sonia Gandhi as prime minister. That was also clear to everyone who voted for the Left Front, whose leaders had the guts to declare that she was their choice too for prime minister. Put these all together — the Congress, its pre-poll allies, the Communists — and what we have is a clear majority of the Lok Sabha. A move to make someone other than Sonia Gandhi the prime minister is an insult to the voters.