The Second Patriot

India may be able to purchase Patriot anti-missile missiles. Good. As Robi Sen points out, what the United States is offering this time is significant — Patriot Advanced Capability-2 (PAC-2) missiles may not be state-of-the-art in missile defence, but they are certainly a lot better than the first Gulf War vintage PAC-1s. It is also … Continue reading “The Second Patriot”

Those infernal F-16s

American interests are better served if India is not distracted by the threat from Pakistan Two months ago, I wrote that the Bush administration’s decision to sell nuclear-capable F-16s to Pakistan crosses a line, and beyond debates on whether the F-16s can actually be used deliver nuclear warheads, this could be one factor that will … Continue reading “Those infernal F-16s”

Condi Rice, primary school teacher

Humiliation cannot be punishment for the world’s worst crimes Disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan has been punished by being nationally humiliated, US National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice said on Sunday. Rice was asked on CNN to clarify President George W Bush’s statement during his debate late Thursday with Senator John Kerry that “the … Continue reading “Condi Rice, primary school teacher”

China opposes nuclear legitimacy for India

China say vs China do China has opposed changes to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that seek to bring India, Pakistan and Israel into the fold of legitimacy. “On principle, we oppose the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Our consistent position is for a comprehensive ban and thorough destruction of nuclear weapons. The NPT and as well … Continue reading “China opposes nuclear legitimacy for India”

If you cant stop them…

admit them. Here’s another instance of the US State Department’s hypocritical ‘one principle, two applications’ nuclear non-proliferation policy, which seeks to admit China into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in spite of the latter’s irresponsible cooperation in helping Pakistan build a second nuclear reactor. “But, although we would prefer that no such cooperation occur, Chasma … Continue reading “If you cant stop them…”

America in Wonderland?

Yet another non-proliferation ayatollah has stated that the United States refuses to acknowledge India and Pakistan as ‘nuclear weapons’ states. That line is so out of tune with reality that it is beginning to make the United States look like Alice, of Wonderland fame. What’s worse, its making US non-proliferation policy look like half-eaten spaggetti. … Continue reading “America in Wonderland?”