Weekday Squib: India to ban public consumption of water

A sign of things to come CHENNAI: After a ban on smoking in public places, and imposing controls on alcohol, Union health minister Anbumani Ramadoss is now eyeing the water bottle. A national policy on consumption of water in public places will be soon be implemented in the country, Dr Ramadoss said. He said consultation … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: India to ban public consumption of water”

Weekday Squib: When those hadrons finally collide

Six pints of bitter. And quickly, please because the world’s about to end. Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: When those hadrons finally collide”

Weekday Squib: Baldev Haeussler Singh’s proposal

…to Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf At first glance, it appeared that Baldev Haeussler Singh might have been a distant member of the Pandey family. But our ever resourceful research assistant has found that the good Mr Singh is a documentary film-maker, originally from Mandi Dabwali in Punjab-Haryana, but settled in Germany since 1989. So … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Baldev Haeussler Singh’s proposal”

Weekday Squib: Ustad Stolichnov Satyaranjit Pandey has a blog

…along with his dad, mom, and twenty-one (declared) siblings Now Acharya Somuchidononanda Pandey and this blogger have had long, deep discussions of an undisclosable nature on matters concerning world peace, foreign policy and Valentina Demetrieva, his erudite wife. Dr Pandey, as many of you might know, is Stolichnov’s father. Ustad Stolichnov Satyaranjit Pandey, as many … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Ustad Stolichnov Satyaranjit Pandey has a blog”

Weekday Squib: Move over Tom Friedman

…and make way for a new theory of conflict prevention Picture: Manoranjitam Anand Ramachandran’s Evil Twin doesn’t say so explicitly (via Desipundit), but he’s onto something: countries that have Gopal Palpodi don’t go to war with each other. [It is possible that there is also an Ayurvedic Soap Theory of Conflict Prevention, based on countries … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Move over Tom Friedman”

Weekday Squib: Chinese professors in Zimbabwe

Why there are always innocent explanations Excerpt from Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu’s Regular Press Conference on April 22, 2008: Q: According to reports, China is selling weapons to Zimbabwe. Could you confirm? If it’s true, why is China doing so? It is also reported that Chinese soldiers are seen on the streets of … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Chinese professors in Zimbabwe”

Weekday Squib: Tastes like chicken and top secret

Depicting the undepictable Source: Trevor Paglen Source: IHT Trevor Paglen could tell you, but then he would have to destroy you. But he’s written a book you could read—presumably without any danger to your life—on the Pentagon’s secret budget. Well, not the secret budget itself, but how black projects are visually represented through patches on … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Tastes like chicken and top secret”

Weekday Squib: Pashmina and plagiarism

What’s some cross-border plagiarism? On January 10th this year, the Wall Street Journal carried a report by Vibhuti Agarwal on Pakistan’s taking issue an Indian move to register a Geographical Indicator tag for Kashmiri pashmina. Doing so would accord the real pashmina with legal protection, not least against those synthetic China-made shawls that make the … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Pashmina and plagiarism”