Weekday Squib: Suicidal Donkeys

Indian Blue Helmets in Sudan have an asinine problem Major Shambhu Saran Singh, posted at a UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan, wrote this in his report: “A donkey, who had decided to end his miserable and wretched life, ran towards the Nile. As he approached the banks, he plunged into the river and moved towards … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Suicidal Donkeys”

Weekday Squib: Shooting in the air

The physics of celebratory gunfire Those watching television news might have wondered: what happens to all those bullets they fire into the air when they are celebrating this or that? The Grandpa’s physics looks robust: The bullet comes down, at a speed lower than that at which it left the gun, but still fast enough … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Shooting in the air”

Weekday Squib: Goulash is not Vindaloo!

Britain’s curry crisis You are in Britain. You want to try the local cuisine. The vindaloo tastes like…goulash. You feel cheated. And demand to see the chef. He steps out of the kitchen, and speaks…Hungarian. The ‘BBC’ got it wrong. This is not a curry crisis. It’s an evil EU conspiracy to reverse the course … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Goulash is not Vindaloo!”

Weekday Squib: Psst…want to make $25 million?

It’s good to share the goodies Look what got caught in the anti-spam dragnet: Since this blogger is not in immediate need of $25m this information is being passed on to you readers. (Warning: In case any intrepid reader wishes to nose around, even for the sake of mere curiosity, just make sure your computer … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Psst…want to make $25 million?”

Weekday Squib: How Rauf escaped

Please make it more believable! When it was time to take Rashid Rauf back to Adiala jail after his court appearance, one of his uncles convinced the policemen on duty to use his comfortable Mitsubishi station wagon for the journey, instead of the usual police van. They stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant at Jinnah Park … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: How Rauf escaped”

Weekday Squib: Benazir takes a leaf out of Osama’s book

Tapeworms and TV shows In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Benazir Bhutto reveals her campaign strategy in the wake of last week’s bomb blasts at her Karachi parade: But we do not want to be reckless. We do not want to endanger our leadership unnecessarily, and we certainly don’t want to risk potential … Continue reading “Weekday Squib: Benazir takes a leaf out of Osama’s book”