When activities become unconstitutional

Doctor, heed thyself! ‘Tis the age of competitive intolerance. And India’s kept prime minister had this to say about the ‘boycott’ of Aamir Khan’s Fanaa in Gujarat. “Every citizen has the freedom of expression as long as he does not indulge in unconstitutional activities,” Singh said in reply to a question at a press conference … Continue reading “When activities become unconstitutional”

Rabi’s Dad did not listen

With due apologies to Tagore Where the bigot is without fear and the dead is held high; Where intolerance is free; Where the world is being broken up into vote-banks by narrow domestic walls; Where seats come in the way of the truth; Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards reservation; Where the clear stream … Continue reading “Rabi’s Dad did not listen”

Three thoughts on Independence Day

About tolerance, farmers and foreign policy For quiet contemplation on Independence Day—on resisting competitive intolerance, on rethinking agriculture and on foreign policy objectives. Related Posts: Thoughts on Independence Days 2005, 2004; and on Republic Days 2005 & 2006.

“Individualised hyper-sensitive private censor intrusion”

Three cheers for Justice Raghu Ram of the Andhra Pradesh High Court Here’s what the good judge has to say to competitive intolerance (via Varnam): Rejecting the (state government’s arguments in support of the ban on The Da Vinci Code), Mr. Justice Raghu Ram, in his 48-page judgment, said, “The Constitution does not confer or … Continue reading ““Individualised hyper-sensitive private censor intrusion””