Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy Programme

A distance education programme on Indian public policy for dynamic individuals

“As economic growth propels India towards becoming a middle-income country over the next decade, it is imperative that its structures, processes and ideas of governance keep pace. Closing the governance gap requires talented individuals to be equipped with the right ideas, competencies and networks.

Takshashila’s Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) programme aims to equip dynamic Indians with knowledge, skills and exposure to public policy.

The 12 week course provides a firm understanding of the fundamentals of public policy and governance and enable participants to apply them in their professional lives and political discourse. The programme is designed to prepare participants to better engage in the public arena, as analysts, public officials, leaders or indeed, as active citizens.” Classes start in January 2012. More details and online application over at the Takshashila website.

Pragati, refreshed

The Indian National Interest Review

Before we even realised it, Pragati is into its fifth year.

Issue 49 cover
New look, same old goodness
Some changes were in order. We’ve revamped the magazine in size and style to make it easier to read, especially on digital devices such as the iPad. The page size is smaller and Aditya Dipankar and Anuj Agrawal, our designers, have revamped the layout to make the pages more attractive and more importantly, easier to read. Download the digital community edition here.

It took us some time to get these changes in place, so this issue reaches you a few days later than usual. But what better day to publish the refreshed Pragati than on B R Ambedkar’s birth anniversary?

As usual you are encouraged to distribute this magazine among your friends and associates.

Read and Share.

The Pragati archives

Download every published issue of Pragati in PDF format

Many readers & researchers had complained that Pragati archives were not easily accessible. Well, that’s fixed now, thanks to the good Srijith Nair, who still can whip up lines of code faster than this blogger can mix his drinks.

You now easily browse and download every single issue of Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review in PDF format from our archives.

Varnam joins us on INI

History, current affairs & books

JK joins us on INI today. Longtime readers will know that Varnam has been illuminating the blogosphere on Indian history interspersed with incisive commentary on current affairs since, as he puts it, the Pre-Cambrian era of Indian blogging. It’s great to have him on the INI platform.

Do update your bookmarks and feedreaders with his new location and RSS feed. His posts will also appear on the INI aggregator and combined feed.

South Asia Analysis Group, at a new location

New internet coordinates, same good stuff

The South Asia Analysis Group has informed us that they have a new URL — http://www.southasiaanalysis.org. They had to switch domain names due to an unauthorised transfer of their old domain. Please update your bookmarks, inform your neighbours and tell the postman.