Sunday Levity: A cheat sheet for Sominists

A brief guide to writing articles about India that people will notice

1. Choose at least one from The List of Odious Things: poverty rate, inequality, caste, communal riots, dowry, Bollywood etc. (Advanced or more ambitious writers can try their hand at more than two)

2. Then pick one from The List of Good Things: democracy, economic growth, stock market, IT industry, cricket, Bollywood etc.

3. Blend the odious items into the good ones. It’s okay if they don’t mix. Then sprinkle some adjectives, nouns, verbs and other optional ingredients.

4. You are done.

NB: Don’t worry about political correctness. It’s asymmetrical.

[This brief guide has been offered for people who are usually too busy to research their articles properly for the subject is complex and may not even have time to read Neelakantan’s seminal article on this topic. It was prompted by this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, via email from Amit Varma, which Salil Tripathi has dispatched into the stands, over the bowler’s head. The word “Sominism” was coined by GreatBong.]

Update: GreatBong on the issues Down Under.