Listen to Jaswant Singh

The podcast of his Pragati interview is now available

Jaswant Singh spoke to Pragati on the relationship between the state, the nation and society; his perspectives on the emerging geopolitical structure; the situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of India’s neighbourhood; and on the changing nature of warfare.

You can listen to the podcasts or download them from Pragati’s website. Here are some soundbites.


Pragati Podcast – June 2008 issue

The third podcast

Listen to the June 2008 issue of Pragati—The Indian National Interest Review: the discussion on the New Jihadis and human rights, the argument for cultural liberalism and excerpts from the interview with Stephen P Cohen. This podcast also features the case for getting the financial infrastructure in place as well as improving economic literacy.

Note: The interview with Stephen P Cohen will be presented in a special podcast. Watch this space!

Listen online (26:10 mins)

To download this and other podcasts, head over to the podcast section of Pragati’s website.

Pragati June 2008: The New Jihadis

Issue 15 - Jun 2008
Issue Contents


The New Jihadis
Local manifestations of a global pattern
Nitin Pai

Getting human rights right
Are human rights activists playing into the hands of
Sandeep Balakrishna, Salil Tripathi & Rohit Pradhan

Towards a cultural liberalism
Governments must stop siding with intolerant mobs
Jayakrishnan Nair


A survey of think-tanks
Feline counter-terrorism; Measuring up against international human rights standards; On what makes foreign policy tick; Assessing energy security policies


Look before you hop

A discussion on strategic affairs with Stephen P Cohen
Nitin Pai & Aruna Urs


A review of Budget Session 2008
Kaushiki Sanyal


Where is the financial superhighway?
Two reports later, there is still no movement on reforms
Aadisht Khanna

Improving economic literacy
Effective delivery of public services requires sound public policy education
Mukul G Asher & Amarendu Nandy

A food credit card scheme
How microfinance and the public distribution scheme can work together
Ankit Rawal


History is in the writing
The changing fashions of recording history
Sunil Laxman

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Listen to K Subrahmanyam (2)

The second part of the interview is up

In the second part, Mr Subrahmanyam dwells at length on military modernisation, twenty-first century geopolitics and relations with India’s neighbours (including Myanmar and Tibet). He also responds to the Marxist criticism of “national interest” and offers his take on the struggle within the Islamic world.

You can listen to it online, or download it, from the Pragati‘s website.

Listen to K Subrahmanyam

Pragati publishes the first episode of a three part podcast of an interview with India’s foremost strategic analyst

The May 2008 podcast edition of Pragati had a very short excerpt of a conversation with Mr Subrahmanyam.

As promised, we are putting up the entire interview online. Here’s the first of a three-part series.

Pragati Podcast – May 2008 issue

Featuring K Subrahmanyam

Mohit Satyanand presents excerpts from several articles from the May 2008 issue of Pragati in the second podcast. A special feature in this edition is an excerpt from an interview with K Subrahmanyam. Hear what he has to say about 21st century geopolitics and the Indian national interest—in his own voice.

Head over to Pragati and listen online or download.

And here’s what you must watch out for—we’ll be putting the interview with K Subrahmanyam online in a series of three podcasts. It’ll be worth the wait.