The Roy of representation

People don’t need anyone to represent them…but she’s not just anyone

But you know that Suzanna Arundhati Roy, a writer of fiction, and a rebel of every cause, is anti-national, apologist, sympathiser and champion of armed struggle and all that.

But did you know that she suffers from multiple irony deficiency disorder too? She attends one big rally in Srinagar and declares that “People don’t need anyone to represent them; they are representing themselves.” And then she declares, presumably speaking for all Indian citizens “India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.”

So since the good people of India don’t come out on the streets and represent themselves, choosing to deviously exercise their right to vote instead, they have to thank Mrs Roy for representing them.

Great powers need great papers

…and why Aadisht makes this blogger jealous

Today’s dose of excellent writing comes from New Indian Express (linkthanks Ravikiran Rao) where a disreputable broker praises India’s ‘National Newspaper’ for standing up for China.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Hindu was not always a great Chinese institution, but then neither were the Olympics. Things change. China is once again a great power. It controls oil and natural gas in Sudan, mines in Tanzania, ports around the Indian Ocean, and governments in Zimbabwe and Myanmar. It controls the weather near Beijing by shooting silver iodide shells at the clouds from anti-aircraft artillery pieces. It controls the American economy indirectly.

But even this vast portfolio is incomplete without controlling an Indian newspaper. And for a nation of China’s stature, controlling any old newspaper will not do. China deserves, nay, is entitled to control India’s National Newspaper[NIE]

The disreputable Mr Aadisht should make his unedited draft public. The world must comprehend the newspaper’s greatness in its entirety.

Update: Aadisht has published the whole thing on his blog.