Pragati May 2009: Changing China

The controversy over a new book by Chinese intellectuals arguing for China to adopt a strong nationalist-realist posture in its foreign policy has gone largely unnoticed in India. Yet the issue is important: not merely for what the authors argue but also for the response the book has received from other thinkers and opinion makers in China. The cover story of the May 2009 issue of Pragati hopes to bring this debate to your attention. We also take a look at recent trends in party-army relations in China.

In our special issue on Pakistan (No 23 | February 2009) we had argued that only a MacArthur-like international intervention can stem the tide of Talibanisation in Pakistan. In this issue we present arguments by Pakistani analysts who argue how the necessary change might come from within Pakistan.

Also in this issue: discussions on black money; on human rights activists who discredit their cause; and on understanding why states fight over natural resources. And more…

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Pragati August 2008: Should India send troops to Afghanistan?

Issue 17 - Aug 2008
Issue Contents


Making a leader
Excerpts from a lecture on leadership and discipline
Sam HFJ Manekshaw

Our voice in our history
Academic freedom, private funding and historical research
Jayakrishnan Nair

On whether or not India has a coherent foreign policy

A survey of think-tanks
On China policy; Fixing the FATA; An Indo-Israeli alliance?
Vijay Vikram

Hold steady in Afghanistan
India is on the right track and it should stay that way
Shanthie Mariet D’Souza

A bigger military presence is essential
…if India is to shape Afghanistan’s future
Sushant K Singh

The myth of Taliban tribalism
The folly of trying to set tribes against each other
Joshua Foust

Monsoon Session 2008—What’s in store
Legislative brief
Sarita Vanka

When it’s good to slow down
The why and what next about rising inflation
V Anantha Nageswaran

The historical roots of the services sector
…calls for a strategy that plays to India’s strengths
Stephen Broadberry and Bishnupriya Gupta

Profiting from education
Resistance against commercialisation is fruitless
Atanu Dey

Four books about Pakistan
On nuclear proliferation, military politics and society
Nitin Pai

Pragati May 2008: Towards liberal nationalism

Issue 14 - Apr 2008

Issue Contents


Liberals, culture and nationalism Ravikiran S Rao
An opportunity exists for a new politics

Changing the broken wheel Raj Cherubal
The secular-right must champion economic freedom

Towards “that heaven of freedom” Gautam Bastian
A free nation of free citizens

Out of court Rohit Pradhan, Shashi Shekhar & Mukul Asher
Carry on the battle, but respect the court’s verdict


India as a rising great power; climate change and national security; India-Iran relations; to the brink; and trade across the Line of Control


The new currency of power Nitin Pai & Aruna Urs
A discussion on strategic affairs with K Subrahmanyam


Use the Tibet card Zorawar Daulet Singh
To settle the India-China dispute

Consensus must endure Dinesh Wagle
Maoists have the upper hand in the construction of the republic

Bottom-up dynamics Sushant K Singh
What attracts Africa to India and how it can be strengthened

Pressed by inflation Gulzar Natarajan
Easing supply bottlenecks is the right way to go


Memories of 1971 Amardeep Singh
A review of Tahmima Anam’s A Golden Age

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Pragati March 2008: The Gujarat Model

Issue 12 - Mar 2008

Issue Contents


Strategic depth vs strategic breadth Vanni Cappelli
America needs to reframe its strategic approach to the region

No anomaly in the shortage Nitin Pai & Sushant K Singh
Why India needs to move towards more capital-intensive armed forces

Securing space on the table Adityanjee
Responding to a new strategic arms race


On Kosovo; Four stages of a jihadi; Maoists strike in Bhutan; India’s foreign technical aid and loans


PRS Legislative Research: Budget Session 2008


Minimum government, maximum governance Mukul G Asher
The Gujarat model of governance holds lessons for the rest of India


Pinnacle of cynicism V Anantha Nageswaran
This year’s Union budget takes us back to the bad days of the 70s and 80s

Futures for farmers Karthik Shashidhar
Good futures markets are essential for farmers’ welfare

Advani’s economic agenda Atanu Dey
The importance of getting it right


Confessions of a retailer Ravikiran Rao
A review of Kishore Biyani’s book, It happened in India

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Pragati February 2008: What Kautilya would say

Issue 11 - Feb 2008

Issue Contents


Common interests Rory Medcalf
Closer Australia-India relations need greater political will

A disarming argument Nitin Pai
Non-proliferation isn’t working too well. Will disarmament fare better?

Beyond marking time R Hariharan
The problem with India’s Sri Lanka policy is there is no common agreement on it

On sovereign wealth funds and West Bengal politics


African technology goes “brown”; Leaky Bottom; The new Big Three?; There is a story in the nuances


What Kautilya would say Balbir S Sihag
Some aspects of the relevance of the Arthashastra in the contemporary world


Getting ahead in the rankings Deepa Vasudevan & Mukul G Asher
Many small things can make a big difference in business friendliness

The Nano opportunity Rohit Pradhan & Pratik Mhatre
Time to address urban transport in a holistic manner

America’s command capitalism V Anantha Nageswaran
…and its economic consequences


Down the Red Corridor Chandrahas Choudhury
A review of Sudeep Chakravarti’s book Red Sun: Travels in Naxalite Country

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Pragati January 2008: 17 ways in which India can be a better country

This month’s issue starts with a new year wishlist: it’s not only an agenda for public policy. It’s also an agenda for the public—for you. In addition that 17-point list, we also wish Pakistan a long, stable life, propose how India might address the challenge posed by sovereign wealth funds, examine how urbanisation will change national politics, and take issue with the prediliction of some intellectuals to blame the IT industry for real and perceived ills. And we also have a film review—of Charlie Wilson’s War, Hollywood’s take on George Crile’s bestselling book recounting the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan. There’s more—check out the attached table of contents.

Issue 10 - Jan 2008

Issue Contents


A wishlist for 2008 Amit Varma
Seventeen ways in which India could be a better country

Pakistan zindabad! Nitin Pai
India’s new challenge is to steady Pakistan’s boat

Regaining the horizon Siddharth Singh
Smart power and the domestication of foreign policy


The Broken Arrow problem; Al Qaeda at the ISI gate; Arctic landgrabs set a precedent for Lunar ones; Moral responsibility for global warming


PRS Legislative Research: Parliament in 2007 & Winter Session wrap-up


Sovereign, wealthy and ready to invest Mukul G Asher
Sovereign wealth funds and the challenges for India


The new citizens Ravikiran Rao
Politics in the time of urbanisation

Quick to blame IT Prasanna Vishwanathan
The IT industry has become the favourite whipping boy of the Left-liberal types

Claiming a piece of the future Rajesh Jain
How India can lead in tomorrow’s technology world


Living with the Bomb Ashutosh Jogalekar
A review of Joseph Cirincione’s book Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons

The Dukes of Herat Manish Vij
A review of Mike Nichols’ film Charlie Wilson’s War

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