Racism in the UK – Nitin Sawhney’s opinion

Nitin Sawhney – he of the chillout music fame – wrote quite a good piece in response to the BBC sting on racism in the British police.

I found his views on nationalism particularly interesting. Like his music his interpretation of nationalism is quite progressive.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Whose country is it anyway?: “However, I believe that ultimately racism can only be challenged by abandoning the emphasis that governments and the media place on the issue of one’s nationality. To be honest, I have never really understood the concept of national pride. After all, no one has ever achieved their nationality. The geographical landmass on which we happen to have been born is simply a product of chance. So why should we make our nationality synonymous with our identity? In an enlightened world, surely it is time to see people as people and not products of various countries. Such attitudes only lead to war and racial ignorance. Surely, when the world is becoming increasingly volatile, it is”