Musharraf’s elusive ‘no-win’ scenario

Ahmad Faruqui squarely puts Pakistan’s lack of democracy as the main cause of its relentless pursuit of ‘a military balance’ leading to a ‘no-win’ scenario. This is in line with Amartya Sen’s contention that democracies are able to channel resources more effectively towards economic and social development. I think Musharraf’s handlers in the United States should take heed of the fact – the interests of Pakistan, India, the US as well as the entire region lie in the establishment of democratic institutions in Pakistan.

All the foreign aid to Pakistan is practically useless as the bulk of it is channeled towards funding an arms race that Pakistan can never win.

Ahmad Faruqui’s Op-Ed in the Daily times concludes by saying:

Other issues are being held at bay, including the recognition of Israel and the sending of troops to Iraq. But no issue can be more vital to Pakistan’s national security than relations with India. The National Assembly should debate whether it is better for Pakistan to chase an elusive no-win scenario through military means or to construct an all-win scenario through negotiation and dialogue with New Delhi.