A bad bargain

The Daily Times reports that Masood Azhar collected millions for the Kashmiri mujahideen, and would personally deliver the sackful of cash to the jehadis.

Of course Musharraf has banned his organisation and sealed his assets and bank accounts. Masood Azhar was also under house arrest, the last we knew. Given the places Masood Azhar has been traveling too leads me to believe that Pakistan is one big house and all its people are one big happy family !

The softies who traded him after giving in to the IC814 hijacking please note: It was a lousy bargain. In dealing with terrorists, there cannot be any negotiation. No amount of conventional or nuclear weapons can compensate for soft-headedness when faced with threats. Vajpayee & Jaswant Singh made this one big mistake.

More details from the Daily Jang says that he’s addressing open public rallies in Karachi and elsewhere in his capacity as a ‘jehadi hero’ and ‘breaker of Indian jails’.