Gilgit-Baltistan asks for international help

The long repressed people from Gilgit-Baltistan are asking for UN help to settle their constitutional status. Being in a limbo, they are ruled by Islamabad directly, but lack even the limited rights enjoyed by other Pakistanis. The politicians of the Balawaristan National Front, who are calling for separation from Pakistan, point out that since 1988 there has been a violent campaign against the indigenous Shia population. A more detailed background is available from the Balawaristan National Front

This report outlines some of the development work it is doing in the neglected region.

B. Raman gives a good account of the importance of this issue to Musharraf’s regime. Interestingly, Musharraf himself served as a military commander in the region during Zia-ul-Haq’s time and his role has been documented.

Even if India takes up this matter to counter Pakistan’s propaganda in Kashmir, it will serve the people of this region well.

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