Battle in “the Evilest Place”

There’s a Time magazine article about a battle between al Qaeda/Taliban and the US forces in Shkin, Afghanistan.

Pakistan Facts – Battle in “the Evilest Place”: “The big mystery is why the Pakistani militiamen fired on the Americans. And why the Pakistanis didn’t do anything about the al-Qaeda gunners in plain view just a few hundred yards below the border post. After all, President Pervez Musharraf is an avowed ally in the Bush Administration’s war on terrorism, and Pakistan has helped fill Guantanamo’s jails with hundreds of al-Qaeda suspects. On the ground, however, the loyalty of Pakistani soldiers and intelligence officers is questionable. Afghan officials in Kabul claim that some military officers from Pakistan, which backed the Taliban prior to 9/11, are providing funds, arms and sanctuary to help the Taliban regroup. The goal: to keep Afghanistan neatly tethered to Pakistan. ”

It would be no big mystery if the US President were to read newspapers. The last two years have been wasted in coddling Musharraf – in spite of direct evidence of nuclear proliferation, continued support for Taliban/Al Qaeda and cross-border terrorism in Kashmir. The real solutionis to send a Douglas MacArthur like character to Islamabad to ‘assist’ Islamabad in its fight against terror.