Pakistani soul searching

A very good article in the Daily Times summarises the complex problems Pakistan faces that are routinely swept under the carpet due its foreign policy preoccupation. Here is an excerpt :

“There are many strands of violence woven into the present situation, some of them present in Pakistan right from the beginning as indicators of national character. To start with, there is the big fundamental disagreement over the nature of the state. The institution of the state is also under attack in various quarters, not in light of the development of the institution in the 20th century, but in light of some medieval parameters that seem to have been discovered in the last ten years. There is little patience with the evolution of a democratic order and there is much blind faith in utopias that have not worked. If internal insecurities dictated the softening down of foreign policy, the message has gone unheeded.Pakistan’s most unstable years have also been the most troublesome in the domain of foreign policy. Small leaders with no domestic programmes give high profile to foreign policy and make pledges as if they were handling the affairs of a superpower and not a third world country in serious economic trouble.”