Sorry state of education

Graduates of these (Pakistani) campuses hardly know how to write and analyse when they pass out. Most graduates don’t meet the minimal requirements for the jobs that lie vacant in the private sector. According to Dr Hoodbhoy, ‘Tragically, there is not even one Pakistani under 50 years of age, living in Pakistan, who has any degree of international recognition as a mathematician or a theoretical physicist’. Under General Pervez Musharraf the government may have set aside funds to recruit foreign experts for teaching these important subjects, but the question is: who will come to Pakistan when the campuses are being ruled by hooligans?

More on how Pakistan’s education system is in ruins. As I pointed out previously, this is the primary reason why Pakistan cannot be expected to come out of its basket case situation even in the medium term. And unless there is a profound change now, the long term scenario looks bleak too. That’s because it takes at least ten years for changes in the education system to fully impact the society. However all Musharraf has done is to put sundry generals, retired or serving, in charge of universities, while the jehadi mullas hold sway over the madrassas. And people still wonder why there is a culture of guns and bullets bedeviling the educational institutions.


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