Pakistan remains Terrorism-Central

Not surprisingly, the latest suspect arrested in Gloucester, UK had been to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia recently. Apparently the ISI knew about his visits to the jehadi training camps but did nothing to prevent him. Goes on to show the continued hollowness of Musharraf’s actions as an ‘ally against the war on terror’.

Guardian: “Intelligence sources said that Mr Sajid Badat had visited a well-known al-Qaida camp at Khalden in Pakistan close to the Afghan border. This was the camp where Reid, who tried to blow up an American airliner two years ago, trained in explosives along with an unknown number of other European al-Qaida recruits”
The Independent: “Mr Badat was enrolled on a five-year course but he left this summer of his own accord, the head said. He was known as a bright but very quiet student. He recently travelled to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj. This was one of several trips to Pakistan during which he studied in madrassas – Islamic schools – possibly in Peshawar, a city with strong fundamentalist and al-Qa’ida links.”

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