ISRO and its cryogenic engine

At long last, ISRO has developed the cryogenic engine. For much of the last decade the engine has been an elusive goal for ISRO; technology transfer from Russia was hampered by interational treaties and sanctions after the nuclear tests.

As several Pakistani dailies noted, it allows India to develop ICBMs – but why India would want a missile with inter-continental range is a question that escapes the Pakistani mind. In response, I’m sure their Dr Khan would make a lot more trips to Beijing now that he cant jump on to the next PAF C-130 to Pyongyang. But even China would not be irresponsible enough to give him any more longer range missile technology.

Rakesh Sharma (the spaceman) feels that this will put the moon within India’s reach. That’s all very well, but at this stage in its economic development I’d say that justifying the expenditure is questionable.