Jihad is Killing says Masood Azhar

Just three weeks after Musharraf’s much vaunted crackdown on jehadis, Jaish-e-Mohammad’s chief is back in the news. He points out that jihad is killing and those who claim that the ‘inner jihad’ (struggle over the self) is greater are actually infidels maligning Islam.

The reluctance of the Pakistani authorities to implement their high-sounding rhetoric and promises to the international community remains a cause for worry. Improving relations with India are not a substitute for not changing the fundamental jihadi orientation of the Pakistani establishment. Unless Musharraf is able to put the Queen Bees of terrorism away no one should take his ‘sincere committments’ seriously.

“Why don’t moderate Muslims speak up in favor of US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair when they resolve ‘to crush global terrorists who hate freedom?'” Arnaud de Borchgrave asks this question, which has occurred to many of us.

Then he supplies a disquieting answer from Pakistani General Aslam Beg: “One of Pakistan’s most respected former army chiefs supplied a chilling explanation this week: Because the ‘terrorists’ are the ‘freedom fighters’ of a ‘Muslim world facing unprecedented oppression and injustice.’ . . .

“In a lengthy e-mail, Beg said the Bush-Blair ‘strategy to combat global terrorism’ is ‘a declaration of total war on freedom movements, and it is the Muslim world that will be at the receiving end.'”

It’s one thing when a radical Muslim member of a terrorist group spouts this sort of thing (thanks to nicolei for the link), but Beg holds a position of influence in Pakistan’s government — and he is by no means singular in his views. Says Borchgrave: “The anti-coalition resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan, as seen by Beg, is ‘a new reality emerging – a surging tide of their élan and vitality.’ By the standards of Pakistan’s coalition of six politico-religious parties that govern two of Pakistan’s four provinces and hold 20 percent of the seats in the federal assembly, Beg is a moderate.” Jihadwatch.org