Taliban takes hostages…again

Two Turkish engineers, Two Indian engineers and even a Pakistani engineer have been taken hostage by the Taliban. It all started when Karzai gave in to their demands and released one of their colleagues in exchange for the Turks.

A bad bargain. Ask Jaswant Singh. The Taliban commander released from prison is obviously not a meek peace-loving villager. He is almost certain to pursue his campaign with a vengeance. Ask Masood Azhar of Jaish-e-Mohammed.

There cannot be any negotiation with terrorists. No price is too high, no sacrifice too great. To yield to terror tactics is to hand the terrorists a victory. The Taliban is certainly a revitalised force two years after Enduring Freedom. The US has launched the largest infantry offensive (with 2000 troops) against the Taliban – but all the results of operations such as these are frittered away in moments of weakness.