Kargil may happen again

In a well-reported exercise Pakistan handed over six terror suspects to Jakarta, including the brother of Jemaah Islamiah leader Hambali. A pattern is emerging. Pakistan will satisfy the demands of the US and the international community by acting against those who pursue terrorist activities beyond its immediate neighbourhood.While Musharraf scores points for his action against al Qaeda’s Arab operatives, the East Turkestan Movement of Xinjiang and the Jemaah Islamiah of South East Asia, he can continue the jehadi terrorism in India and Afghanistan with a greater degree of freedom.

The atmospherics of the ‘peace-process’ with India – including Vajpayee’s SAARC attendance, overtures to Bollywood, cricket series etc significantly provide greater room for Musharraf to continue to maintain his jehadi stables with little complaint from India.

Therefore fencing of the Line of Control and the border must continue, as must operations aimed at indentifying and countering infiltration. A repeat of Kargil is very well possible in 2004 – India can ignore this only at its own peril.


However, said Santoso, the was still a problem as regards the deportation process.

“We still do not have a plane to bring the Indonesian students back,” he stated.

Santoso added that the Indonesian students might perhaps use Malaysian Airlines (MAS) or Thai Airlines for their flight back to Indonesia. He also said that the Indonesian students would be escorted by Iswahyuda , an official from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ directorate of Indonesian citizens’ protection and two officers from the National Police headquarters (HQ).

“We will use special seats so that they will not attract the public’s attention,” stated Santoso. Tempo Interactive

Oh Dear!