Al Jazeera scolds India for not supporting Zimbabwe

From Al Jazeera

Though Prime Minister Vajpayee had attended Commonwealth Summit at Abuja, the resounding silence by India on the most divisive item on the agenda to take back Zimbabwe into the fold, conveyed the image of complete isolation of India, between the Black African states and the 3 white countries, that finally left their own agenda firmly in place.

This certainly was not the India of the Nehru age, when India stood tall, holding the banner for all the Third World countries vis-à-vis the Western colonialists. Under Vajpayee and his ‘natural alliance’ with the colonialist powers, that are on the prowl around the world, India has lost all its moral stature in the world, to take any neutral and deciding stance in confrontation between the rich and the poor. That is not India’s destiny in the world.

Contrary to what Al Jazeerah thinks, India has more in common with the “Anglo-Saxon” axis than with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Why should a megalomaniacal tinpot dictator be any better than a colonial regime? While this certainly is not the India of Nehru’s age where moral principles could take precedence over the national interest, in this case both moral principles and national interests demanded that India have no truck with Mugabe.