Fences, Truth and Reconciliation

A lot more people feel that Musharraf’s spots have really changed for good. While taking that chance, India can complete two important tasks to protect its interests:
First, complete the fencing and enhance the monitoring infrastructure (fences make good neighbours)

Indian officials said they would make their final judgment on General Musharraf in a few months, when the snow melts in Kashmir. That is when militants usually try to trek in over mountain passes.
As insurance, Indian officials say, they will continue the rapid construction of about 435 miles of fencing along the disputed border.[New York Times]

Second; move to include the non-violent Kashmiri separatists into a political process. Early general elections may interrupt this process, but it must be pursued at the right earnest. And if the extremists are willing to lay down their arms then a Truth and Reconciliation commission based on the South African model can help heal the wounds of 15 years of bloodshed.