The General and The Centrifugist

What these guys are saying would be funny, if they were not so scary

In Monday’s interview, Beg confirmed that in the spring of 1991 he had proposed a policy of “strategic defiance” by Pakistan. According to his proposal, made after the United States defeated Iraq in the first Gulf war, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan would share “their strengths” and form a grand military alliance to thwart what the general said was an expected American invasion of all three countries.

He predicted that history would eventually prove him right and that the alliance would form.

Beg spoke some days after the man regarded as the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Abdul Qadeer Khan, discussed India’s intentions in a Pakistani television interview recorded in late December and aired in full several days ago. “What I did,” he said, “I made all of their policies go to waste, meaning a single person destroyed all of their intended planning for the next 25 years.” He said he acted to counteract India’s plans to “destroy Pakistan.”

He said foreign press accounts that he sold nuclear technology were part of a campaign to defame him. “Since I am responsible for changing this whole thing, to making their policies fail, so naturally I will be made a target, who else?” He told the interviewer: “Who made the atom bomb? I made it. Who made the missiles? I made them for you.” [Source: IHT]

Update: Kamran Khan reports that Pakistan’s official investigation has concluded that Khan the Centrifugist was to directly responsible for proliferation. This is the first time that Pakistan has directly pointed its finger at Khan.