Confession is not Repentence

“Let him live with his money”, said General Pervez Musharraf with a smile (7 Feb)

“He is my hero as well and I revere him for his contribution to making the defence of the country impregnable,” the president said. “But I have tried to shield Dr Khan instead of bowing to international pressure and I will continue to protect him.” (6 Feb)

“We will test-fire Shaheen-II missile next month, which is proof of our commitment to Pakistan’s nuclear and missile programme.” Gen Musharraf announced (6 Feb)

“From the government side, this was the final official version of the controversy,” (Lt Gen Khalid Kidwai) told reporters. “We hope this will all be over in a week’s time.” (7 Feb)

“The investigations in Pakistan are an internal matter. The buck stops here in Pakistan. The matter won’t be debated elsewhere”, Foreign Office spokesman Masood Khan told Daily Times while commenting on remarks by the Indian minister earlier in on Friday. [Daily Times]

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