Are Saddam’s nukes in Pakistan?

Pakistani sources claim that there has been another bombshell in the admissions of guilt made by Khan’s colleagues and juniors, who are still under custody and questioning. They are reported to have stated that during his over 40 visits to Dubai in the last three years, he had met Iraqi intelligence officials who sought his help in having some of the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) material of Iraq airlifted from Syria to Pakistan for being kept in safe custody there to prevent their falling into the hands of the UN inspectors. Khan allegedly agreed to their request. According to them, in October 2002, Khan had a Pakistani aircraft, which had gone to Iran to deliver some equipment, stop in a Syrian airport on its way back . It picked up the Iraqi WMD “material” and brought it to Pakistan for safe custody on behalf of Iraq. It is not clear what did they mean by material — only documents or something more?[B Raman/Outlook]

This is an unverified report, but if it indeed is true, explains why the US ‘coalition’ forces did’nt find any WMD material in Iraq.

But it sure looks like the Pakistanis are putting the Charlie-130’s provided by the United States to very good use. Besides picking up the special stuff from Iraq, they were used to:

  • Pick up over 5000 Pakistani military personnel and Taliban leaders from Kunduz soon after the US launched Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan
  • Deliver Pakistani ethnic interior decoration material to Dr A Q Khan’s Hendrina Hotel in Timbuktu
  • Deliver nukes and pick up missiles from Pyongyang

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