A Macabre Advertorial

North Korea is facing food shortages yet again.

But since today is Kim Jong Il’s 62nd birthday, the North Korean government placed full page advertorials in the world’s newspapers detailing the achievements of the Supreme Leader in small print. I came across one in today’s edition of Singapore’s free sheet “Streats”. Here are some gems,

Above all, Kim Jong Il has integrally systematized and fully deepened and developed Kim Il Sung’s Juche idea, which holds a special place in the history of human thought, so as to explain more clearly the ways of completing the cause of humand independence.

With unusual acumen and clairvoyance, he advanced the unique philosophical idea that the army is the embodiment of the Party, the State and the people and on this basis, adopted the army-centred policy for the first time in history.

Today the world public calls the DPRK a fortress of independence and peace, a place which holds the rudder of world politics and steeris mankind towards the building of a free and peaceful new world. They laud Kim Jong Il as the “sun of the 21st century” and pay their respects to him.

And his letter to the National Symposium to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the Historic Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea April 18, Juche 87 (ie 1998) is titled “LET US REUNIFY THE COUNTRY INDEPENDENTLY AND PEACEFULLY THROUGH THE GREAT UNITY OF THE ENTIRE NATION”

Macabre. I suppose Kim Jong Il thinks such propaganda period pieces will swing public opinion in his favour. Funny, if this guy was not so dangerous.

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