BSA Tahir sings

The CFO of Khan The Centrifugist’s international nuclear Wal-Mart has revealed a lot of information to the Malaysian police (via Jeff Ooi), one interesting thing being Pakistan air-flying processed nuclear fuel to Libya in 2001 (See NYT & WP).

In spite of Tahir’s confession, Tahir is still not under arrest. Aiseh, Man says

In any event, we (Malaysia) are not going to arrest Tahir.

The police say he hasn’t broken any laws, and they have argued this assessment in detail, clearly and forcefuly.

BSA Tahir, who has permanent resident status here, is a free man, although he is under tight surveillance by the Special Branch. He would also probably be stopped if he tried to leave the country.

As I argued earlier, some Malaysian citizens have been jailed for less.

And I would argue also that if ever there was an instance where the use of the Internal Security Act was justified, this would be it.

Tahir lied to, deceived, used, and endangered this country, which had innocently welcomed him with open arms.

At the very least, throw him to the dogs. I’m sure the Americans would love to have him.[Aiseh, Man]

By the way, there’s some speculation as to Tahir’s nationality. He holds a Sri Lankan passport, but Sri Lanka has indicated he may not be a “Sri Lankan”. He was born in southern India and has studied in New Delhi. He has a ‘legitimate’ front businesses in Dubai and Malaysia. Surely, an international man of mystery.