FP/AT Kearney Globalization Index

Foreign Policy Magazine and AT Kearney have released the 2004 Globalization Index. Ireland and Singapore top the list with India down four places to number 61; incidentally just ahead of theocratic Iran which is number 62. Now I’m sure a lot of us will question how Tunisia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria and Uganda are somehow more globalised than India.

A couple of weeks ago I argued that their Cultural Globalization Index is not a very accurate measure of globalisation because it just counts the “cultural” imports – that too magazines and publications only.

The Acorn is taking these indices with a huge pinch of (iodized) salt.

Happiness Index: Rediff reports that Nigerians are the happiest folks in the world, much happier than the rich Americans (16th) and the fatalistic Indians (21st). They got this ranking from the World Values Survey, which has a very interesting way to visualise values across different countries.

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  1. No wonder how Nigerians keep themselves happy; by bribing. It is one of the topmost corrupt nations in the world.

    Bangladesh also occupies a higher rank in this happiest nation survey. Compare it with the transperancy International’s most corrupted nation ranking- Bangladesh is the topmost country. See the connection? In this country if you have money you can have almost everything.

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