Corruption Perception – Another Ranking

The Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) has announced the results of its corruption perceptions survey (with the respondents being expatriate businesspeople). India ranks just ahead of Indonesia at the undesirable end of the ranking. Singapore retains its reputation for being squeeky clean when it comes to corruption. PERC notes that Thailand and China have made the greatest improvement this time round, only going to prove that corruption can be tackled if there is political will.

Indonesia   9.25
India   8.9
Vietnam   8.67
Philippines   8.33
Thailand, Malaysia, China   7.33
South Korea   6.67
Taiwan   6.1
Hong Kong   3.6
Japan   3.5
Singapore   0.5

As usual, amidst all the noise about whether India is Shining or is a Nation Betrayed, tackling corruption is not seen as important enough to be a poll plank.