Dear Economist editor

One reader has written a very nice letter to the editor of The Economist, which echoes what I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

India’s real problem

SIR – Suggesting that the comparative lack of economic progress for the past few decades in India is caused by strained relations with Pakistan is like saying that the cold war is the reason behind the recent economic malaise in America (“Let it shine”, February 21st). To suggest further that India has to give away a sizeable chunk of Kashmir to placate a nasty bunch of terrorists and troublemakers across the border is perverse. Since when has appeasing the terrorists led to greater peace and stability anywhere?

Much of the blame for India’s lack of progress can be heaped upon its indolent and incompetent bureaucracy, and sleazy politicians. The intellectual lethargy and the rigidity of its elite further assures continuing misery and hardship for the great number of Indians. You also fail to highlight the shoddy government services that affect all segments of society and put a drag on the economy.

India will globalise on its own terms, shedding some contradictions and generating a few more along the way and that may be a good thing, although one may wish for a much speedier pace.

Murali Reddy
Corvallis, Oregon
[The Economist]

Well said Mr Reddy !